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Museums & Places of interest

Gruuthuse Museum

In the luxurious city mansion of the Lords of Gruuthuse (15th century - complete renovation, partially in neo-gothic style, in 1883 to 1898) you will be welcomed like a medieval nobleman.

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Archaeology Museum

This museum confronts aspects of life from prehistory, the Roman period and the Middle Ages (both Early and Late) with elements of 21st-century living. Under the motto of ‘feel the past under your feet,´ you will discover the history of the city through a series of ‘do´ and ‘search´ tasks.

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Liberty of Bruges

The Liberty of Bruges once housed the city´s courts, but now provides a home for the Municipal Archives. As such, it is the very living, written memory of the history of the city itself. Passing through the old Court of Justice, you will reach the famous Renaissance Chamber , where pride of place is given to the monumental 16th-century fireplace, with its mantel of wood, marble and alabaster, designed by Lanceloot Blondeel.

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Welcome church of our Lady

The Welcome Church of Our Lady, with its 122-metre brick steeple, dominates the skyline of the city. It is quite literally the ‘high spot´ of the stonemason´s art in medieval Bruges. The church also plays host to a rich collection of art treasures, of which the crowning glory is defi nitely the beautiful ‘Madonna and Child´ by Michelangelo.

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Groeninge Museum

This museum offers a rich and fascinating array of a (primarily) Belgian artworks. Highlights include the world-famous collection of work by the Flemish Primitives, ...

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